Waters [Fam • ily]

When Renee contacted me about taking pictures of her family, I was so excited. I first met Kevin almost 3 years ago while joining my husband for dinner while he was at work. Kevin and my husband work together, so even though Kevin wasn’t working he still joined the ‘boys’ for a bite. He had his twins with him, Calvin & Cassie, who at the time were just over a year and a half old. It was so fun to see their different personalities. I met Renee at my mother-in-law’s retirement party almost a year later.

Fast forward a few years to our photo session on June 29th. I wasn’t sure how much ‘fun’ it was going to be since the weather is less than enjoyable right now. We experienced one of the hottest months of June in history. We were lucky to pick a day where the high only reached the 90′s and since we had our session in the evening and there was a breeze it wasn’t too bad. As soon as the twins reacquainted themselves with me, they were ready to get the ‘party’ started. They were told, after the session they could throw rocks into the lake, so they were set to go. Once I started snapping the shutter, the heat no longer became a thought in my mind. I was laughing and having such a good time…and it seemed that they were as well.

We started the session with the kids in special outfits that were made by Rebekah of Mrs. B’s Accessories. She used one of Kevin’s work shirts to make them and they couldn’t have been any cuter. Her work is amazing. Then after a quick change of clothes, I finished the session with many more giggles, wiggles, drool and smiles. I welcome the ‘chaos’ because it translates into real personalities and natural smiles.

Being that the twins are 4 years old and little Nathaniel is almost 8 months they rocked the session. They were so fun to watch interact with each other and it was evident the twins have such a good time with their little brother.

Enjoy a few of my favorites:

2 thoughts on “Waters [Fam • ily]

  1. WOW! I don’t even know what else to say Erica! These pictures are INCREDIBLE!!!! You are so very talented. Would it be ok for me to post this on my Mrs B’s Facebook page so everyone can come look at it?
    And thanks for the sweet words in your post! I had way too much fun making these for these sweet kiddos!

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